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Recuperación de datos
Sistemas de Backup Locales y/o Externos
Instalación de Infraestructura 

Personalized Technology Services
About Us

In 2009, Marcel Morales Rodríguez, a technology consultant and owner of Mor@tek Solutions & Consulting Services, decided to reinvent himself after dedicating 13 years of work to the private sector. As a passionate leader, he certified himself in various branches of the technology industry, utilizing his experience, commitment, and passion. In this way, he materialized his dream of creating his own company, identifying and visualizing diverse areas of opportunity. 

In a short time, he acquired his first client, a company with 350 employees, which led to the generation of new cost-effective professional consulting projects. Thus, Mor@tek Solutions & Consulting Services was born, a purely Puerto Rican company with the main focus of satisfying the needs and desires of its clients. Additionally, it seeks to serve as the ideal partner for companies, using the competitive advantages of technology as its main platform.

Tecnología - Mor@tek Solutions & Consulting Services

Design and Integration of Servers and/or PCs (physical or virtual)

Installation of VoiP Security Cameras

Installation of VoiP Telephone Systems (PBX)

Tecnología - Mor@tek Solutions & Consulting Services

Local and/or External Backup Systems

Computer Repair and Upgrades

Infrastructure Installation (Cabling)

Installation/Conversion of Accounting Systems (SAGE and Quickbooks)

Data Recovery

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